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Employee of the Quarter

Rachel Bridges - Click on picture to enlarge.

Proclamation of the Mayor of the City of Lemoore

Presented to:

Rachel Bridges

Employee of the Quarter - 2nd Quarter 2009


Rachel Bridges was hired by the City of Lemoore as a part-time Office Assistant on March 14, 2006 and promoted to part-time Planning Technician on July 1, 2008; and,


Rachel is always there to help anyone who needs help with a smile on her face for everyone, goes out of her way to make sure she gives the best she can in any situation, always remains positive, and demonstrates a willingness to learn all she can; and,


Rachel is an extremely valuable employee to the City of Lemoore and consistently goes beyond the expectations of her supervisors and coworkers, always getting her tasks completed well ahead of deadlines, demonstrating a level of responsibility and dependability with her assignments that puts the needs of customers and co-workers at the highest level, adapting to a complex and challenging environment in a manner that allows her to take on new tasks and responsibilities with minimal instruction; and,


Rachel provides service to her department and the public that goes above and beyond in her daily duties, consistently maintains a level of maturity and professionalism, remains positive when facing difficult circumstances, and steps up to make sure that the residents receive a high level of service with a smile on her face; and,


Rachel has been nominated by her peers and selected by the Injury and Illness Prevention Committee to be recognized as the Employee of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2009;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the City Council of the City of Lemoore recognizes the excellent service provided by Rachel Bridges and does hereby thank her and congratulate her on being named Employee of the Quarter.

In Witness Whereof, I, John Murray, Mayor of the City of Lemoore, have set my hand and caused the Seal of the City to be affixed this 4th day of August, 2009.

John F. Murray