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These specifications govern all construction of public works improvements in the City of Lemoore. All work done within the public right-of-way, whether performed by the Contractor under contract to the City or by another party, shall be in conformance with these standards. These specifications shall also govern work on private property which serves a public purpose, such as utility pipelines, drainage facilities, roads, and parking lots. All such projects, whether in public right-of-way or on private property, are referred to as "public works."

Lemoore Public Works Standards
Standard Specifications for PW Improvements PDF File - 323K
PW Standards - Table of Contents PDF File - 8K
PW Standards - 76 pages of drawings PDF File - 15M
City of Lemoore Approved Street Tree List PDF File - 56K

Exceptions to these Standard Specification

The only exception to this policy shall be those approved in writing by the City Engineer or the Public Works Director. The City of Lemoore reserves the right to enforce a more stringent requirement in any given situation where, in the opinion of the City Engineer or the Public Works Director, site conditions so dictate.

Incorporation of State Standards

All public works shall be constructed in accordance with the appropriate provisions and construction details of the latest editions of Standard Specifications, published by the State of California Department of Transortation (CALTRANS), insofar as they may apply. In case of a conflict between the State Standard Specifications (referred to as State Standard Specifications and these standards, these standards shall take precedence.