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SPECIAL ALERT: Due to the ruling issued by the California Supreme Court regarding Assembly Bills 1X 26 and 1X 27 regarding redevelopment, all redevelopment agencies have been dissolved effective February 1, 2012. Therefore, we are no longer able to offer any housing programs that were funded by the former Redevelopment Agency. At this time, the only program not affected is the HOME First-Time HOMEbuyer Program. We are still accepting applications for the HOME-funded program only.

The Housing Specialist performs a wide variety of professional and governmental duties in the area of Housing, while providing staff assistance to the Project Manager. The Housing Specialist duties include project research and assembly of official documents and other items such as grants, housing agreements and field studies, which requires outdoor fieldwork, including inspections and working with families in the community. To review the City of Lemoore's Municipal Codes, click HERE. To check for a contractor license, click HERE.

Additional Information
  1. HOME First-Time Homebuyer Program Flyer - PDF
  2. HOME First-Time Homebuyer Guidelines - Currently Under Review
  3. HOME First-Time Homebuyers Loan Application - PDF
  4. HOME Housing Rehabilitation Program Flyer - PDF
  5. HOME Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines - Currently Under Review
  6. HOME Housing Rehabilitation Loan Application - PDF
  7. Lemoore Transitional Home - PDF
  8. Lemoore Transitional Home Application - PDF

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