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Zoning Update

What is Zoning?

As the General Plan created a grand vision for the City, the Zoning Code (and other development standards and regulations throughout the City’s Municipal Code) provides specific standards for different uses on individual parcels. How tall should commercial buildings be? How many parking spaces are required? How far away should they be from residences?

Existing Regulations

The City of Lemoore’s current development regulations are contained in the City’s Municipal Code. These include:

  • Title 9, Zoning
  • Title 8, Building and Development Regulations
    • Chapter 6 , Development Maps
    • Chapter 7, Subdivision Ordinance
    • Chapter 8, Flood Damage Prevention
    • Chapter 9, Housing Incentives

  • Title 7, Public Ways and Property
    • Chapter 4, Advertising Displays Adjacent to Freeways
    • Chapter 5, Street Trees
    • Chapter 6, Underground Utility Facilities

The Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and Development Code Update

In May 2010, the City began a comprehensive update of the Zoning Code and other development regulations (including subdivision ordinance, tree preservation ordinance, water conservation and landscaping regulations, flood damage prevention, and housing incentives). The entire process will take just about a year to complete. The City encourages members of the public to join in the discussion as the new Code is developed. This website serves as a background to the effort. Browse the site to learn about zoning, how it works, the history behind it, and how the process will unfold. Check back often for updates on upcoming meetings and meeting materials, as well as drafts of the documents for review.

Community Input and Key Issues

The process of updating the existing Code has begun with an ongoing full review of how the existing code is functioning, its strengths, weaknesses, flaws, and inconsistencies. From there, the City Council, Planning Commission, and members of the public will discuss with staff what they consider to be key issues. Staff will consider these concerns as it works through drafting the new code.